Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management


Organizations require persons who are able to support human resources management processes and practices. There is also a need for an initial qualification as a possible first leg of a learning progression path in the human resources management and practices field.

Learners need the qualification to increase their access to employment.It will enable persons who are fulfilling some of the support roles in human resources management and practices without formal qualifications to obtain recognition for their competence. The specified components in the core category will ensure portability across the Human Resources Management and Practices role clusters, whilst the elective category will make provision for specialization in a specific area.

Learning assumed to be in place:

Communication and Mathematical Literacy at NQF L3 or equivalent (Grade 11).

Second language at NQF L2 or equivalent (Grade 10).


This qualification will be useful to people who support and participate in human resources management and practices.

People accredited with this qualification are able to:

•       Collect, collate, and distribute information related to people management in line with a given plan.

•       Provide advice on or refer to appropriate person in response to queries on organisation procedures related to people management.

•       Demonstrate basic understanding of people dynamics and impact in the workplace.

•       Demonstrate basic understanding of the functioning of business and the role and contribution of individuals within organisations.

•       Support the implementation of processes and systems related to human resources management and practices in all of the following role clusters:

•       Strategic planning for human resources management and practices, people and work.

•       Acquisition, development and utilization of people.

•       Establishment and improvement of labour and employee relations.

•       Compensation and administration related to human resources management and practices.

Other information:

The course will be offered as an e-learning course which learners can complete at their own pace estimated duration is 12-18 months.

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