Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Our web hosting services cover everything from creating your business contact page to serve as a placeholder for your exciting future website, to registering your domain. our services also include email account creation (setup of those emails on your PC are not included)

How does it work:

webhosting is uselly seen as a prosses that requires attention annully meaning our payment options also run on a annual basis. we do inform our clients as to the status of their domain just as its about to reach end, the client will then have the option the extend their subscription or cancel it to move to a different host, note that this can also be done at any time during the year.

Storage allocations.

Main email account - this account has unlimited storage (as much space as the server allows)

Additional email accounts - a standard 512MB will be allocatd to all additional accounts but can be changed on request

storage sizes can be incresed on request, this will depend on the avaiable storage on the clients part of the server, clients must also note that storage might be allocaed to a website if the client chooses to design one.


Domain registration - from R25 depending on the extention the client chooses (eg. .co.za, .com, .org)

Hosting - R240 per year.

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