About Logika Academy

Our Vision

Training minds, Changing Futures.  

Our Mission

Logika Academy strives to be the leader in training and development to deliver the highest quality in training and development solutions at affordable prices to improve the quality of life in our communities.

Our learners will benefit from the high quality in training and development to improve their lives and the economy.

Our clients will benefit from the high quality service we will delivery time after time to develop their employees who will add value to their organisation.

Our Background

About us

Logika Academy was established in 2012 to address the need for affordable, quality education especially in rural communities where access is limited. The solution identified was online learning which gives every individual an equal opportunity to improve their careers and lives through education. We would like to encourage you to look at our courses and contact our dedicated support team should you want to register or if you require any assistance or advice. The importance and value of education cannot be measured and not only impacts you and your career, but also your family and community. It is our calling and passion to equip each person to become who they were born to be, successful in which ever path they choose. The choice is yours to create a better future for yourself and we are available to assist you to reach your goals and dreams #knowgrowprosper.


  • Is to ensure that Skills Development Providers are able to deliver education and training that leads to nationally registered unit standards, skills programmes and qualifications.
  • Accreditation, therefore, provides Skills Development Providers with a valuable tool with which they can market their services to potential clients.
  • To provide quality training and development to learners
  • To receive support from the relevant authority or ETQA partners (Services Seta)
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