Computer Training

Computer Training

Our computer training course has been designed with our learners in mind. This course is made for learners with no experience in working with computers. This course will guide the learner from learning to understand how to work with a keyboard to learning how to work with the office suites including: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Internet & Email

– Specifically Microsoft Outlook & Internet

– Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Each software component has its own unique practices and exercises this ensures that the learner understands each component individually. All components are offered as a whole and a certificate will be awarded after testing has been completed successfully.

No certificate will be awarded if:

• The learner does not complete all the components of the course.

• The learner terminates the course.

• The learner only wants to complete a specific part of the course(for example excel only).

• The learner gets expelled from the the programme due to unlawful behavior.

Learners will be thought the specifics of various hardware and software components. Allowing the learner to recognize all computer parts of any computer

How does attending classes work:

Our classes are offered on a one-on-one basis, meaning the learners learning experience are carefully monitored by the facilitator and attention is given according to the learners learning style.Learners will attend +-20 practical classes (which is scheduled for +-1 hour) at our offices in Worcester.

The training will consist of three sections:

Orientation –Learner familiarise themselves with the setup of the standard PC and the layout.

Essential–Learner are taught how to work with the office packages and the different interfaces.

Supplementary –Learners works independently and the facilitator informs the learner as to what they have a good comprehension of and indicate gaps if there is any.

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