All training material is aligned to the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)Qualification,Skills Programmes and Unit Standards is not registered with the Sector Education and Training Authority(SETA) No Portfolio of Evidence (POE) is compiled and no assesment and moderation will be conduced. Learner receives a Certificate of Competence on completion of programmes.

• NQF Level 4: Business Administration.

• NQF Level 4: Generic Management.

• NQF Level 4: Marketing.

• NQF Level 4: Project Management.

• NQF Level 4: New Venture Creation.

• NQF Level 4: Human Resources.

Advantages / Disadvantages

E-Learning- Advantages

•Flexibility – can fit around your daily schedule.

•Mobile – can be done on laptops, tablets and phones

•No Travel – can be done wherever you have a device capable of doing so.

•Lower cost – As you aren’t using a trainer’s time or any room or equipment, e-learning tends to be the much cheaper option.

•Tailored to you – e-learning courses aren’t confined to be fixed to try and suit the needs of the majority.

Technological Possibilities

•E-learning is fast becoming a more and more popular method and with it, so has the investment into how to improve it further.

•Global – With very few restrictions companies can be confident that their staff can receive the same content regardless of their location, and in many cases, their nationality.

E-Learning - Disadvantages

•Lack of Control – learners with low motivation tend to fall behind when using e-learning as there are no set times to be doing it and they are responsible for the organisation themselves.

•Learning Approach – It doesn’t appeal to all learning styles so some learners will not enjoy the experience – especially strong activists and pragmatists.

•Isolated – A lot of questions are a lot easily answered when face to face with someone when you can guarantee an instant answer.

•Technology Issues – With heavy reliance on computers that e-learning brings, comes the potential risks that comes with it.

•Computer Competency – Some employees might not be too comfortable using computers, especially if their jobs don’t require them to.